EDDM Information

What Is Every Door Direct Mail?

Every Door Direct Mail service is an easy, cost-effective method to reach potential customers for your business.
Simply create your mailpiece then select where you want to convey your message.

Advantages of EDDM.
2) You can choose WHERE you want to promote your business by using the online mapping tool.                 
        Click here to view online mapping tool.   https://eddm.usps.com/eddm/customer/routeSearch.action
3) Using the mapping tool, you can choose among postal routes based on demographics. You select only the routes to want to be delivered.
4) EDDM post cards will be deliver to every address on your selected routes. (You have the option to include or exclude Business's in the selected routes.)
5) Zip Codes are not required, therefore you are able to mail the same EDDM Post Card to any area.

When you team up with Beaumont Printing you will be able to launch your "Customer Acquisition" campaign for 
LESS than the cost of a  .49 cent postage stamp

The service we provide will include the
1) Designing of the EDDM Post Card (the items mailed MUST comply with postal regulations) 
a) We are experienced with the EDDM program.  
      b) We know exactly what will and what will not be accepted by the Post Office.
2) Printing of the EDDM Post Cards (Full Color, Two-Sided)
3) Delivery of EDDM Post Cards to the designated Post Office.

As a Business Owner all you do is approve the design, decide where you want promote your business, then leave the rest to us.
No need to take time from your business or your employees.