Keep Site Content Fresh


Publish your organization's events online using our full-featured calendar system. Create multiple calendars using our sub-site feature.

Document Download Libraries

Share documents online in most any format. Useful for providing sermon notes or outlines to your users.

Audio/Video Download Libraries

Create your own library of sermon audio or video files available for download. Podcasting feeds are automatically created, and our integrated media player streams MP3s right on your web page.

Management Tools

Shopping Cart

Sell products online using our PayPal-integrated shopping cart with inventory tracking (NOTE: PayPal accounts are not required to make purchases). Other payment processors available at additional cost.

Form Builder

Create online forms to collect many kinds of data from your users such as sign-ups, questionnaires, prayer requests, or mailing list registrations.

Event Registration

Provide your users with the ability to register online for events or activities. Payment integration is provided.

Multiple Site Administrators

Grant permissions to other website administrators to help with content creation and updating.


All current customer sites are updated automatically to include any new features for their package.

Community Features


Enter the blogosphere on your own site. Share thoughts and articles with your web users.

Photo Galleries

Share photos online! Create multiple galleries to categorize images.

Discussion Forums

Generate community involvement in your site using multi-topic discussion forums.

Online Polling

Collect data regarding any subject from your users with Finalweb's online polling tool.

Secure File Downloads

Share files in your own password-protected library with other selected users.

Site Building Tools and Features

Hot-Swappable Templates

Change to a different template whenever you want with no cost and no hassle. Your site data remains unchanged.

Unlimited Custom Pages

Create a separate site for each ministry within your organization at no extra cost! Sub-sites can have separate administrators and even their own web addresses.

Ready to Launch

Since our sites are based on pre-designed templates, your site can be up and running very quickly… Often within one day!

Cross-Browser Compatibility

Sites are viewable on every major browser on either PC or Mac.

Mobile-Friendly Version

A mobile-friendly version of each website is automatically generated so that mobile users receive an intuitive, attractive browsing experience.

Dynamic Page Capability

Our unique and powerful Dynamic Page creator lets you choose which components you want on a page and organize them as you desire.

HTML and Flash Design

Our sites use a combination of HTML and Flash technology to create the most visual appeal combined with the most intuitive and powerful features.

Unlimited Sub-Sites

Create a separate site for each ministry within your organization at no extra cost! Sub-sites can have separate administrators and even their own web addresses.

Integrate Images, Audio, and Video onto Pages

Easily post media files throughout your site to provide your users with a media-rich experience.

Newsfeed Integration

Include news articles, favorite blog headlines, or any other RSS published material on your website.

Secure Pages

Password-protect any Dynamic Page to share with only logged-in users.

SEO and Stats

Auto-Generated Sitemaps

Auto-generated sitemaps help users find your site quickly and efficiently using search engines.

META Tag Support

Publish basic information into your site's META keyword and description tags to aid users in finding your site on search engines.

Google Analytics

Easily integrate Google Analytics to track your site statistics, including file download tracking.

Friendly URL Creation

Add "Friendly URLs" to popular pages so that users can access them quickly and directly.